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An Affair In Roses  by  Mysha Marnia

An Affair In Roses by Mysha Marnia
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An Affair In Roses is an erotic story, 5,148 words long.EXCERPT:Alana: She is an unhappy housewife married to the perpetually irritable James. She is also an author, one who finds small comfort in the roses that she grows and writes about at her suburban home- the tender buds that, in her mind, are reminders of a sweeter time. She and her husband are now like co-wives in the house- always bickering even at the smallest of issues. She reflects for just a moment on the early years of her marriage, and the times that her husband would rush home to have dinner with her- savoring every bite of the meal she prepared before carrying her to their bedroom for an evening of romance.

Now more often than not she went to bed alone, or—even worse—with a man who turned his back on her and withheld his affections. She wonders if she will ever again have her womanhood excited as it used to be during their lovely days.That is until Dane walks through the driveway that fronted her suburban home and rents a room in her house.Dane: He is a young artist, new in town and set to have an exhibit at the Dream Gallery downtown.

He is looking for a room to rent. He is bloody gorgeous, tall and muscular boasting a luxurious fall of auburn blond hair and a keen pair of emerald green eyes that twinkled in the light of the sun. A brilliant white toothed smile completed the picture- one that he flashed in her direction as he approached her front door. A moniker she would expect to see in a romance novel, not attached to an actual human being she would ever meet in real life. And as it turns out, what he knows best is how to please a woman in bed.His stunning looks and passionate ways exciting and revitalizing her.

Their romance blooms like a rose- and Alana discovers that some things in life are even sweeter and more beautiful than flowers.ONE OF THE CAPTIVATING MOMENTS:For just a moment he stood still, allowing her to admire the perfection of his body- his massive bronzed chest and washboard abs, his long, trim legs, and the hard, erect cock that seemed to salute her presence.She giggled in ecstasy as that beloved body finally covered her- his chest making delicious contact with her full breasts as their arms and legs entangled.Their naked forms rolled wild across the grass as their lips also merged- colliding in a passionate kiss as he finally and fully penetrated her, his cock surging to her core as their hands and tongues also joined.

They clung to one another as the intense heat of their encounter overwhelmed them, their sighs and kisses mingling in the air above them as he continued to probe her.Lost in their passion, Alana’s eyes flew open to take in an ethereal kaleidoscope of roses and Dane- their joined beauty drove her over the edge, and she wrapped her legs around her lover’s back to draw him deeper into her—all the while letting her hands scan and explore the hardness of his bronzed chest and the perfection of his abs.Even as Dane thrust into her with a passion she’d never experienced, he lowered his head to plant sweet adoring kisses on her neck and breasts- suckling and nipping her nipples until they were hard and erect.Finally he wrapped his loving arms around her waist and pulled her closer than close- kissing her senseless as she wrapped her arms around his sturdy shoulders and leaned hard into him.They stared deep into one another’s eyes as he delivered a final mighty thrust, sending them both across the brink of an incredible shared orgasm.Their bodies exploded and reverberated in the heat of this climax, causing them to collapse together in the soft green grasses of their own private paradise.

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