My Time In The War: An Irishwomans Diary Romie Lambkin

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My Time In The War: An Irishwomans Diary  by  Romie Lambkin

My Time In The War: An Irishwomans Diary by Romie Lambkin
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June 6th: Extra! Extra! Extra! June 6th. D-Day! Its happened. At last. My heart has beaten like a slow drum in my chest the whole day without cease since we heard the news. A most extraordinary reaction. Who is on the landing beaches - some getting killed this instant - men weve danced with maybe. Longlegs? Sure to be there. What about Anton? l havent heard from him for a long time, nor he from me, I admit it. Armadas of ships of every size and kind are in action off France today.

Joe doesnt know when his outfit is to pull out. We kept feeling each others hearts tonight because we were so astonished they wouldnt stop that slow excitement/dread thumping.. From Belfast to Berlin, this captivating diary traces one Dublin womans vivid depiction of her life as a soldier. The immediacy and adventure of army life, the excitement of wartime Europe, poignant letters from soldier boyfriends who would never return from battle. Amidst all of this, the fun and friendship of Romie and her companions - a happy-go-lucky gang of young women embarking upon life in a mans world.

Army dances packed with eager GIs: war-weary colonels and majors who softened to chat with the young Irishwoman driving them across battle-scarred Europe: displaced persons and concentration camp victims trekking for hundreds of miles to find their former homes... Romie Lambkins compelling diary tells a singular story.

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